Tribeca Highrise

After having finished two impressive renovation and adaptive re-use projects with Urban Investment Partners (UIP) at Carver and Slowe Halls, CAS Engineering-DC, LLC teamed up with UIP and Torti Gallas Architects on this thirteen-story multi-family condominium project along one of the busiest sections of New York Avenue, NE. From handling raze permits for the former auto garage, to designing stormwater management, utilities, grading, and streetscape improvements, the CAS team helped ensure timely approvals and agency sign-offs for this large scale development.

If you’re looking for an adaptable and creative civil engineer, CAS Engineering-DC, LLC is the clear choice for your next high-rise project.

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Wisconsin Avenue, NW

This single-family detached home is located in historic Cleveland Park, between the well-established residential areas of Macomb Street, NW and the mixed-use area of Wisconsin Avenue, NW. CAS Engineering-DC, LLC, worked with AR Homes, LLC, and Teass-Warren Architects, obtained approvals to move an existing single-family home to the eastern portion of the property while pursuing approvals for a seven-unit multi-family building on the western portion.

Challenges included:

  • Small site (less than 5,000 square feet)
  • Bus stop adjacent to the site
  • Site grading
  • Stormwater management
  • Storm sewer extension
  • Merging the two uses on one site while blending into the adjacent neighborhood pattern.

CAS Engineering-DC, LLC worked closely with the project team from the initial site survey through site designs and also expertly handled permit processing to turn a bold idea into a reality. Construction and relocation of the existing home started in December 2019, with construction of the new multi-family building scheduled for late spring of 2020.

For your next challenging multi-use project in the District, regardless of lot size, reach out to CAS Engineering-DC, LLC.

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Three on Cathedral

Continuing work on the old Truland Estate, once known as Acclimation, CAS Engineering-DC, LLC was tasked with developing the northern portion of the property for three new stunning contemporary single-family homes. The northern portion of the site was more challenging as it was wooded, bisected by a stream, and contained extremely steep slopes. Teaming up with Zantzinger, Inc. and Cliveden Group, CAS Engineering-DC, LLC helped coordinate a multi-owner sale, re-subdivision of the property, and approvals for three stunning one-of-a-kind homes.

Designed by award-winning Jones Boer Architects and Thomson Cooke Architects, the homes required a shared driveway extension, new water main, and extensive stormwater management. Grading of the new lots was coordinated closely with Campion Hruby Landscape Architecture to ensure each home has scenic views of the adjacent Battery Kemble Park.

CAS Engineering-DC, LLC is the go-to firm for challenging single-family development and should be your first call when considering a property in the District.

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Hampden Lane

This single-lot project involved a 13,500 square foot part of a lot and began as a pre-purchase evaluation. Although a single-family residence existed on the property, the permitting of a new single-family residence was not guaranteed. With the implementation of a new County Zoning Ordinance, conversion of the property to a buildable lot was possible through the County’s Minor Subdivision process. Once the new building lot was recorded in the land records, the design process for a new residence commenced.

The existing house, detached garage, retaining walls, driveway, and other site appurtenances were removed to accommodate the new home, circular driveway, pool, spa, and outdoor entertainment space. Challenges encountered during the design phase included the vertical and horizontal positioning of the house, and strategic grading to accommodate the driveway, site appurtenances, and multiple stormwater management facilities.

CAS Engineering was involved in the preparation of property surveys and civil design plans for permit application, as well as performing all necessary construction stakeout services. From pre-purchase through construction, CAS Engineering worked in close collaboration with GTM Architects, DCA Landscape Architects, and Sandy Spring Builders to ensure the client’s goals and desires were achieved in a timely and efficient manner.

Consider CAS Engineering for your dream home project.

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Blackthorn Street

This Town of Chevy Chase project, involving a lot and a part of a lot measuring 18,000 square feet, originated as a pre-purchase evaluation by the CAS Engineering team. A single-family residence dating to the early 1900s, a detached garage, and other site appurtenances existed on the property. Our evaluation concluded the part of a lot could be converted to a buildable lot through Montgomery County’s Minor Subdivision Process. Additionally, the shared lot line between the two lots could be shifted via a minor lot line adjustment resulting in two identical 9,000 square-foot buildable lots.

Among the challenges encountered on this project was the application of the Town of Chevy Chase building restrictions in conjunction with Montgomery County requirements. CAS Engineering, Studio Z Design Concepts, and Chase Builders worked collectively to develop plans and obtain building permits from both jurisdictions for the construction of two new homes in a timely and efficient manner.

Consider CAS Engineering for your next residential infill development project in any of the Montgomery County incorporated municipalities.

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Bronson Drive

This four-acre part of a lot was previously improved with an existing house, man-made pond, and other site appurtenances. Many large specimen trees existed on the property. The task at hand was to subdivide the property into two 2-acre lots.

Challenges included septic testing, an 800-foot public water main extension, tree preservation, stormwater management design, the removal of the pond, and County approval of the subdivision application. CAS Engineering provided an initial feasibility study, coordinated septic and soil testing, surveying, subdivision design, and final civil site design.

The first of the two new homes was under construction within nine months of filing the subdivision application. Well-organized planning, comprehensive civil design, and diligent coordination among the project team enabled this project to move at record speed through entitlements and into the construction phase. Consider CAS Engineering for your next subdivision project.

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Hillmead Road

This project on a two-acre plus lot began as a potential two-lot subdivision but became a re-development for a new single-family residence. The existing house, numerous retaining walls, swimming pool, driveway, and other site appurtenances were removed to accommodate the new home, circular driveway, sport court, and outdoor recreation areas.

Hurdles encountered during the design phase included the vertical and horizontal positioning of the house, strategic grading to accommodate a new circular driveway traversing steep slopes, the protection of forested areas and individual trees, and the design of multiple stormwater management facilities. CAS Engineering assisted with a pre-purchase evaluation, provided surveys of the property, prepared civil design plans, handled permit processing, and performed all necessary construction stakeout services.

From pre-purchase evaluation to building permit issuance in only eleven months, CAS Engineering, Barnes Vanze Architects, Lila Fendrick Landscape Architects, and Bartlett Tree Experts worked collaboratively to ensure the client’s goals and desires were met efficiently.

Consider CAS Engineering for your next single-family teardown and dream home project on even the most challenging site.

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