Town of Chevy Chase

In the Beginning...

CAS Engineering was hired to provide subdivision feasibility services for a vacant 1.33-acre lot located in the Town of Chevy Chase. Our client intended to subdivide the property into two or three lots and construct a personal residence on one of the lots. CAS Engineering performed multiple surveys, including a boundary survey, topographic survey, and established building line survey. CAS then performed a zoning and subdivision study to determine lot yield and to highlight potential challenges in the subdivision process.

The unique characteristics of this infill development property presented many challenges including; steep slopes, on-site forest, specimen trees, wetlands, and dual street frontages along a public alley and public road. The new lots must conform to Montgomery County and the Town of Chevy Chase Codes.

The Process...

CAS Engineering provided both subdivision and final design services including:
  • Zoning analysis
  • Stormwater management design
  • Storm drain adequacy study
  • Forest conservation
  • Fire and rescue access
  • Planning board testimony
  • Town of Chevy Chase building variance approval
  • Plat recordation
  • Building permit site plan approval
  • Final stormwater management design
  • Construction stakeout

Completing the Project...

Approval of the subdivision necessitated many meetings and negotiations with County and Town staff members. Numerous public meetings were held to provide information to town citizens and to request a myriad of approvals.

Projects located in multiple jurisdictions involve separate zoning and development restrictions and thus include multiple complexities and require more coordination. Often one jurisdiction’s code is more restrictive than the other, however, adherence to both must be achieved as part of the design process. For example, the Town of Chevy Chase had to approve multiple building variances for each new home on this confining site where protection of steep slopes, forest areas, and wetlands was necessary.

Our clients achieved their goal and built a new home for their family. The additional lot was sold and a second home was constructed.

Final Results

Close coordination with the client, project architect, consultants, and the reviewing agencies is imperative for a successful project. CAS Engineering fostered this successful project through the entitlement and permit processes utilizing their unparalleled infill development experience and knowledge of County and Town regulations.

If you are contemplating a subdivision project, let CAS Engineering assist you in navigating the regulatory waters of Montgomery County and its municipalities.