Montgomery County Breweries

Astro Lab

One of four breweries and six craft alcohol production facilities we have worked on; Astro Lab Brewing is an urban brewery where all of their beers are brewed onsite and rotated regularly to ensure the freshest local craft beer. CAS Engineering worked with GTM Architects to achieve the Client’s goal of creating a vibrant and inviting space in downtown Silver Spring. Located at 8216 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD the AstroLab taproom occupies an old retail space formerly home to a used record store. The conversion to a brewery and taproom required new commercial water and sewer connections to be made in Georgia Avenue – MD Route 97; an extremely busy road where avoiding disruption to vehicular and pedestrian traffic during construction was paramount. Design and permitting for handicap access, bike racks, and outdoor seating within the Maryland State Highway right-of-way were provided by CAS Engineering.

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Brookeville Beer Farm

The team at CAS Engineering enjoys a good beer. So, we were excited to help spearhead approval for The Brookeville Beer Farm, now a staple to Maryland’s rapidly growing Farm Brewery scene. CAS Engineering orchestrated initial feasibility studies, surveying, and final civil design.

Considering taking that leap and launching your very own brewery? CAS Engineering can help you every step of the way.

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Elder Pine

This spacious 16-acre lot abuts the Rachel Carson Conservation Park and is located in the agricultural reserve. The site made for a picture-perfect setting for a farm brewery. The property was previously used as a Christmas tree farm and contained hundreds of mature pines. The task at hand was to develop the property for a farm brewery and tasting room. Challenges included septic testing, tree preservation, and approval of the first “new construction” farm brewery in Montgomery County. Before Elder Pine, all farm breweries had been retrofit projects. CAS Engineering orchestrated septic testing, surveying, and final civil design.

Grab a pint at Elder Pine and consider CAS Engineering for your next agri-tourism project.

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Windridge Vineyards

This 45-acre parcel is located on Darnestown Road just 2 miles northeast of Darnestown, MD. The task at hand was to develop a winery and commercial tasting room in two phases. Phase 1 entailed implementation of the on-site agricultural facilities, including two vineyards, a winery, and a small tasting room for 50 patrons. Phase 2 consisted of a larger tasting room accommodating over 100 patrons. The project was all-encompassing, requiring approvals from nearly every review agency in Montgomery County. Meticulous planning and coordination by the project team allowed CAS Engineering to obtain approvals for a commercial septic system, subdivision, stormwater design, fire department access, and SHA right-of-way improvements.

Windridge Vineyards is now open, so be sure to stop in and buy a bottle of your new favorite vino!

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Lone Oak Farm Brewery

Lone Oak Farm Brewery is currently under construction. The planned facilities include a farm brewery with a 50-person tasting room and an accompanying hop yard. CAS Engineering orchestrated initial feasibility studies, septic testing, surveying and final civil design for various permit applications. The Lone Oak team broke ground a mere four months after retaining CAS Engineering. Well organized coordination and streamlined planning enabled the team to quickly initiate construction. Lone Oak is scheduled to open in Spring 2020.

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