Garfield Street, NW

In the Beginning...

CAS Engineering-DC, LLC helped assemble two lots located in the Chain Bridge / University Terrace (CBUT) Zoning and District Overlay. The original lots, with separate owners, were purchased by AR Homes LLC. CAS obtained approval from the Zoning Administrator to create three lots, no small victory, as part of the feasibility services performed.

The property presented significant topographical challenges due to steep slopes, dense vegetation, and a large culvert draining most of the property. Site grading and utility challenges were evaluated early in the planning process to ensure impacts to the future homes would be minimal.

The Process...

Working with Claude C. Lapp Architects, CAS Engineering-DC, LLC provided full engineering and surveying services for the project including:
  • Topographic and boundary surveys
  • Site / grading plans
  • DC Water and utility plans
  • Stormwater management design
  • Permit processing for razing the old building
  • Permit processing for the new build
  • Construction inspection and as-builts

Completing the Project...

CAS worked alongside the Lapp team to fine-tune footprints, landscaping, site layout, and access to the three homes. As the project proposed a new driveway for the westernmost home, presentations to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and the District of Columbia Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Public Space Committee were necessary. CAS presented this case at public hearings and meetings with both groups to obtain approvals.

Being in the CBUT neighborhood and zoning overlay district, additional scrutiny and detail were required for tree removals, impervious coverage, lot size, building size and geometry, and other site considerations. Working directly with the Zoning Administrator’s Office, CAS was able to obtain pre-design determinations to support creating three new lots.

In the End...

When analyzing a previously undeveloped piece of land and combining multiple parcels, creativity is important to achieve desirable results. On this project, those results included combining two sites deemed undesirable and bypassed m by many buyers, and creating three lots for the construction of three impressive single-family homes.

CAS helps even seasoned developers stay on the right track, and helps projects succeed by ensuring that thorough analysis occurs throughout the project

If you’re contemplating a subdivision in DC, let CAS Engineering-DC, LLC handle the civil engineering aspects to ensure compliance, efficient permitting, and optimal results. You can depend on our experience and expertise.