Fessenden Street, NW

In the Beginning...

CAS Engineering-DC, LLC was approached by the estate for this aged property in Forest Hills, DC to find a skilled and experienced developer. CAS provided introductions and ultimately helped facilitate the sale of the property to Realington, LLC and SD Homes, LLC. Following the real estate transaction, CAS provided the initial surveying and planning for the design of a new single-family detached dwelling on this spacious lot.

Working with the Zoning Administrator’s Office, CAS was able to obtain pre-design determinations to support the developer’s aggressive goals for the project, including an underground garage spanning much of the rear yard and many other site improvements.

The Process...

After helping develop a building footprint, CAS provided full engineering and surveying services including:
  • Topographic and boundary surveys
  • Site / grading plans
  • DC Water and utility plans
  • Stormwater management design
  • Permit processing for razing the old building
  • Permit processing for the new construction
  • Construction inspection and as-builts

Completing the Project...

A proposed new driveway to the underground garage required presentations to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) and the District of Columbia Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Public Space Committee. CAS presented the case at public hearings and meetings with both groups and obtained the necessary approvals.

Being in the Forest Hill Zoning Overlay, the project was subject to additional scrutiny for impervious lot coverage, lot size, building size, and other considerations. CAS ensured compliance via early coordination with the design team. The CAS team also provided permit processing, construction stakeout, and inspection services. The final product, a 16,850 square feet home with a pool, pool house, and other unique appurtenances, is one of the top new luxury homes in DC.

In the End...

Looking at a site with numerous and significant constraints, it’s important to review regulations early on and perform spot checks throughout the design process. With CAS Engineering-DC, LLC taking the lead, from feasibility through planning, design, and permit processing, responsibility for compliance was in capable hands. CAS was able to ensure that this one-of-a-kind home was completed efficiently and within the regulations.

If you’re contemplating a custom or speculative single-family home, let CAS Engineering-DC, LLC ensure compliance, efficient permitting, and a predictable result.